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Daily Show with Trevor Noah 

We provided consulting support on humanoid robots and built this cyborg mask for their robot segment airing in March 2018   

Spider Robot

We coupled a HEXA robot with Baby head and programmed it to recognize human faces for some Halloween fun!  

CMU OpenPose Project

Leveraged Carnegie Mellon University's OpenPose project to track features on 1 or more humans with just using a webcam, both indoors and outdoors.     This eliminates the need to use a Kinect which doesn't work outside.

Ridley Scott /Smart Dog  -  AI vs Humans Project

We built autonomous sentry paintball gun robots that leverage Deep Learning 

to recognize human targets and to fire paintballs at them.  

Reckogntion Films - Drone Wars

Built autonomous sentry paintball gun robots trained to recognized drones using Deep Learning.   Software: Caffe / Arduino / Processing

Autonomous Nerf Gun Robot

Using the latest in Deep Learning recognition software we built an autonomous 

Nerf ball gun robot that targets any human that crosses its path.  Currently, 

training AI to target specific individuals based on facial features.

Toyota RAV4 Campaign

We leveraged IBM Watson's Visual Recognition engine to analyze 1000 activities to come up with odd and doable combination of activities for RAV4 owners!  We were hired by Tool of NA to support Toyota's agency of record Saatchi & Saatchi who concepted the idea.    

Article: http://adage.com/article/digital/toyota-artificial-intelligence-rav4-campaign/307544/

Chevy Bolt AI Enabled Brochure

We trained an AI system to recognize brochure icons using a region based Neural Network called FASTER RCNN.   At the dealership a buyer can snap a picture of any of the brochures and our AI engine will then serve up a video corresponding to the icon recognized on the page.  An nVidia Jetson TX1 was used for the training and the production API service is enabled on an Amazon GPU based EC2 instance.  

Mobile site: https://meetboltev.com/

Beach Comber

We are building cloud based, beach combing robotic solutions leveraging Deep Learning and HyperSpectral Imaging to identify visible and hidden pollution such as cigarette butts and toxic metal contamination.

Ogilvy/Marchesa/IBM Watson Cognitive Dress

This past May we completed an amazing iOT project for IBM Watson called the Cognitive Dress.    Our team included the design firm Marchesa, ad agency Ogilvy & IBM Watson.   We were responsible for vetting and integrating the technology necessary for the dress to wirelessly communicate in realtime with Watson's Tone Analyzer.


For VW and their agency of record, Deutsch, we trained a Deep Learning system to recognize human vocalized sounds of cars accelerating, decelerating and drifting.   Details of this award winning project can be found at 

OPENROV Underwater Robot

OpenROV is an open-source, low-cost underwater robot for exploration and education.  It's also supported by a passionate community of professional and amateur ocean explorers and technologists.   We offer classes on building and modifying these amazing workhorses.   Currently, surveying marinas in California to understand the environmental impact of heavy metals leached from boats paints.

Deep Learning Concierge Robot

Leveraging the open source Robot Operating System ( ROS.org ) in designing and building state of the art robots with a variety of advanced capabilities, such as object detection and recognition, simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM), and voice recognition.